John Deere Meets Vera Wang: Milagro Farms

Milagro Farms, Forreston, TX
I was raised in an entrepreneurial family and we engaged in a variety of exchanges: restaurants, antiques, imports, and lighting. I left the family businesses years ago and I have been working with international ministries. These recent ventures have included rather interesting doses of marketing and event planning. My work experience is all over the place. My fragmented career life has most recently come together to form a picture fit for a kaleidoscope: We moved to a farm; we opened a wedding venue.


Now my life consists of hosting weddings, working with brides (and mamas and grooms and


more family members than anyone should have, let alone include in their wedding planning), growing peach trees, and cooking for our small Bed and Breakfast. And as if I had nothing else to do, I also cater some of the large weddings held in our farm barn.

The name of this new and wildly exhausting adventure is Milagro Farms, a peach farm, wedding venue, and Bed and Breakfast set on a twenty-seven acre tract of primo land in the wooded vistas that border the cotton country of central Texas. My husband Steve and I are resident farmers along with our partners, my brother Scott and his wife Deborah. We work nonstop and when I put this old body to bed, I’m sore, exhausted, and surprisingly satisfied.

It’s good to work hard. I sleep better than I have in years.

Milagro Farms opened its doors less than seven months ago and to date we have hosted nine events and have twenty-two weddings scheduled within the next year. This little project has turned out to be a big deal and in the process of the whole of it, I’ve learned a lot about planning weddings, lowering bridal anxieties, cooking for hundreds, and correctly parking cars in a pasture – which is a skill worthy of an honorable title and award should someone out there care enough to host a car-parking competition.

Through this blog, I’ll share some of my new-found insider weddings tips and also extraordinary stories from our barn brides. And, there will be tidbits from my kitchen, too, where at the end of the day we gather, recap, learn from one another and sip splendid wine.

Farm and fashion. Who knew they went so well together?

Photo Credit: Elisabeth Carol Photography
Photo Credit: Elisabeth Carol Photography

Check in often. I promise you’ll laugh, cry, and be astounded by the things people do in the sacred moments of life.

And always leave a comment so we can converse about the miraculous of pulling off farm events in ball gowns.

May your blessings be as abundant as our peaches,


Milagro Farms, 543 Lumkins Rd, Forreston, TX 76041.


15 Replies to “John Deere Meets Vera Wang: Milagro Farms”

  1. Laurie you are such an inspiration. I’m so happy for you and your family. Your farm is absolutely gorgeous. I love seeing the photos and look forward to reading your blogs.

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  2. So happy for you and Steve. Love the fact that you are in my old stomping grounds. My oldest granddaughter is getting married May 16 at Elmwood Gardens in Palestine. I’ve shared some of your posts with them.
    I will continue to follow your success through Fb and your mom.
    In Friendship, Judy

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  3. So proud to be a future Milagro Farms bride!!! My big day is coming fast and still can’t picture having that day happen anywhere else but there!! You’re awesome Laurie

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  4. Love that you’re writing this blog. I’m going to love following it! So proud of you and how you embrace each phase of your life’s journey. Love and miss you.

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  5. Laurie & Steve again I can’t tell U how wonderful my daughters wedding turned out on June 29, 2015. I may b wrong but I believe Rylee & Justin’s may have been ur ninth wedding and I or no one else would have ever known that U had just started Ur business 7 months ago!!!!! It was absolutely GREAT!!!
    The Venue was beautiful, the B&B was great, the grounds were gorgeous and everything went without any problems! What a relief for the mother of the bride! Thank U sooooo much!
    You and Steve also are very pleasant to work with (that also is a big deal, no pressure there on top of all the other pressures). ❤️❤️❤️❤️Milagro Farms and Highly recommend it to other future brides!!!
    Good luck on Ur future with Milagro Farms, I have no doubt U will continue to b successful !!!


  6. Love the website! You are the perfect person to make a perfect day even more special for the brides & grooms and their families!


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