The Table

Place a slab of wood on four posts and drop it in the middle of some folks, and you’ve got a foundation for a phenomenon.

When people gather around a table, astonishing things happen. In my fifty plus years of life, I’ve seen hearts healed, bodies nourished, and colossal decisions made with people in chairs and a slab of wood (or metal or glass or Formica) in front of them.


There’s something about a table that levels playing fields. You can’t find this mystical connection when you’re sitting eye-to-eye on sofas, at desks, around a TV, on stools at a bar, or in long, formal church pews. It’s the frontal expanse of a solid material that initiates equal opportunity for everyone’s elbows. It’s the flat space that cries for a plate or glass that puts hearts at ease. We think better with elbows on the table. We listen better with a glass nearby.

Many important events have happened at a table. The first one that comes to mind is the Last Supper. Reclining, Jesus reveals what’s next in world-changing events and instructs twelve men how to move forward. A table, albeit a short one, sat in the middle of that big reveal. Remember Obama’s beer on the white house lawn? A white garden table attended. And who can forget King Author’s knights gathered at a round table?

The best of life happens around the table.



December Wedding Bliss

Here’s a look at a beautiful December wedding on the Farm. Mary Fields Photography captured the gentle, yet fun spirit of this couple. These two met overseas while serving in Christian ministries and brought their love to Texas to say “I do” on the Farm.

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