Sacred Moments

I work with a lot of brides and their grooms, mamas, aunts, best friends, dads, photographers, caterers, wedding coordinators, and grandparents. And I have learned that weddings can be stressful events for all of the above. It’s true that a wedding will most likely be the biggest, most expensive party/event a bride and her family will host in their lifetimes and with that comes more stress than most just-getting-the-planning-underway brides can imagine. However, the day of “I do” is a day of such reverence, I believe it to be worth every penny spent and every difficult decision made.

On the wedding day and in the midst of  answering a questions, dealing with a plethora of personalities and gaggles of people, reducing day-of anxieties, and finally enjoying myself at the actual celebration, I take time to stand back and look at the bride. This woman in white is God’s chosen symbol of purity and preparedness; confidence and patient love and I want to see the beauty of the bride in the marriage covenant. And as I gaze, I always catch my breath. It’s a moment when all the activity around me stops and see her, I like to think, as God sees His waiting people.

It is hard to explain. It’s an elusive moment, but I reach and take hold of it.

These glimpses of truth are why I love being an owner and manager at Milagro Farms.

These are a few pictures that remind me to seek the elusive moments of the marriage ceremony and supper. I hope these will remind you to do the same on your wedding day.

Laurie Green Westlake, Owner/Manager, Milagro Farms

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Morgan. quaide sunset

whitney at arbor

Bride and Barn Doors
Bride and Barn Doors
He's Waiting
He’s Waiting
It Happens Right Here
It Happens Right Here

Danielle in Milagro's Woods
Danielle in Milagro’s Woods



Samantha stairs


Photo Gallery


Three of our 2016 spring brides


May, 2016 – Photos by Rebecca Chesney

Winter Wedding

View More:    Early November and still in bloom.

Photo opps at Milagro Farms are endless. Love this walk on Texas land in October.
Photo opps at Milagro Farms are endless. Love this walk on Texas land in October.
Beautiful October day!
Beautiful October day!
Gentle October Breeze
September Bride in the late afternoon on the grounds.
September Bride in the late afternoon on the grounds.
September love.
September love.
Rustic Elegance, September
Rustic Elegance, September
Beauty in Bare Feet, March
Barefoot Beauty, March
June Love at Milagro
June Love at Milagro Farms
ss wedding blog 14
June Bride with Maids
Barn Doors Ready to Open
Barn Doors Ready to Open June
Love Letters at Milagro
Love Letters in May
Bride and Maids in the Bridal Loft
May Bride and Maids in the Bridal Loft
Bride's Maid's Boots
May Bride’s Maid’s Boots
Romance in June
Romance in June
June Smiles
June Smiles – Elisabeth Carol Photography
Anticipation June
Waiting for the Bride
Waiting for the Bride after a June rain
barn door bride
Here She Comes – June in Bloom!

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