Hello Farmers and Brides!

One of our barn brides (June, 2015) lives in Colorado and is putting together a wedding with a two-hundred and thirty person guest list. Because many of the invitees are from out of state, she anticipates 150-160 people coming. (As an FYI, 150 guests is a Milagro Farms wedding size average.)

Here’s what Mesa Westlake had to share about planning a long-distance wedding:

Wedding planning is hard. In one instant you are thrust from being a student, nurse, teacher, or whatever it is that you are titled, to a professional event planner. And the stakes are high. One false move and your friends will forever remember you as the girl with the crappy wedding or worse, your most memorable day will be not remembered by others. If you throw a few hundred miles between you and your wedding location, things can become even more challenging. My friends (as well as my own long-distance wedding planning experience) have helped me develop three tricks to make coordinating a distance or destination wedding a little more bearable (if not down-right enjoyable).

  1. Have someone who is on site to help you – Whether this is your mom, bridesmaid, future mother-in-law, or a wedding planner, you will need someone who is physically close to the venue location to help you work out details. This person will be vital for finding things like dinnerware, florists, hair and nail salons, and more. Your new BFF (you’ll be texting more than you can imagine) can scope things out for you and attest to a product or service’s quality.
  2. Don’t be afraid to delegate – You will need to accept the fact that you can’t handle everything. Be ok with letting your future sister-in-law pick the water glasses or your fiancé figure out the cake flavor.
  3. Decide what’s most important to you– You will find that it is a lot easier to adhere to tips one and two if you have decided on one area where there is no compromising. If it’s the guest list, don’t let anyone talk you into making cuts or additions that you don’t want. If it’s the flowers, go all out and don’t delegate the task of picking the florist to your on-base assistant. If you are focused on food, do everything you can to make a trip to test out caterers yourself. By personally tackling your passionate area, you will know in advance the hill you are willing to die on. Other than that, keep things in perspective—it really is about your love for the man— and be flexible when it comes to the details that didn’t make the top of your list.

Now you’re ready to have a stress-free engagement. Happy wedding planning and bon voyage! And always remember, as long as the marriage license is signed at the end of the day, the ultimate goal was accomplished!



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